7 Night Out Ideas This February in North London

Written by: Claire Holly Davies

Staring across a sweaty pub, your line of vision shaking from the inhumane amount of vodka/lager/jager bombs you’ve poured into your body, trying to catch the gaze of a friendly face. Queuing at a bar three people deep, attempting to elbow your way to the frontline before stuttering out an almost incoherent order at the obviously unimpressed bartender in front of you. Clutching your phone with sticky fingers, stabbing at it in an attempt to summon the magic carpet ride that is an uber taxi. This is the average Great British night out, right? A depressing mix of ill gotten gains, turbo shandies and Whigfield lyrics. Well fear not, good people of North London! We have 7 great night out ideas lined up for you this February, all within comfortable reach of your bed. Uber…what uber?

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1) Life on Mars? David Bowie Night at Ally Pally Ice Rink
5th Feb – Alexandra Palace.

What better way to pay homage to a genius than through the strange earthling ritual of putting on bladed shoes and cruising around a sheet of ice. Am I right? If Bowie were to look down on us mere earthlings from his new planet, I imagine he’d be delighted to see a bunch of North Londoners ice skating to his music. This event, curated by appropriately named promoters ‘Feeling Gloomy’, is taking place tonight in the beautiful surroundings of a local landmark and 50% of the profits will be donated to Cancer Research. So grab your thermals, limber up and prepare for a collision course of a night. We’ll see you down there.

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2) Lucky Voice Music Quiz at Lucky Voice Islington
Every Thursday – Islington.

We do love a quiz. We especially love boozy quizzes that include air guitar, limbo and hula hooping rounds. Surprisingly enough the quiz is music focused (didn’t see that one coming), with favourite topics such as ‘Name That Tune’ and ‘Next Lines’ featuring in the fun. They also serve pizzas…which we’d recommend eating directly before the limbo-ing and hula hooping, just for the funsies! Winners win cash money. Get there by 7:30pm to reserve a seat.

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Australian Rockers Tame Impala at Ally Pally, North London, Music, Gig, Concert, Ideas, North Four Magazine

3) Tame Impala at Ally Pally
12th& 13th Feb – Alexandra Palace.

Oh hey there again Ally Pally, you sexy beast. Get you with all your fun activities and nights out! Australian rockers Tame Impala will be gracing the stage at this iconic North London venue this month, with Jagwar Ma confirmed as support. The ‘festival village’ at the venue will be filled with award-winning street food and entertainment (and presumably beer), so it’s advisable to arrive early in order to experience the pre-show gluttony.

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NME Awards Show ft. Suede at The Forum, Kentish Town, North London, Music, Gig, Concert, Awards, North Four Magazine

4) NME Awards Show ft. Suede at The Forum.
12th Feb – Kentish Town.

Winners of the NME ‘Godlike Genius’ Award (yup, these guys are practically Zeus-like by NME standards) Suede are playing a very highly anticipated show at one of our favourite venues. Once described as ‘too tacky and trashy to fit in with the London indie darlings…’ (cheers The Guardian), Suede have had more than 20 years of success, including a Mercury prize (the band donated the entire wad of prize money to Cancer Research. Good eggs.) This special North London gig will see Suede play their critically-acclaimed ‘Night Thoughts’ live set, where the band perform the full album behind a projection of the accompanying feature film. They will follow this with a storming second set of classics, fan favourites and rarities.

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Anti Valentines Day Fiesta at Barrio North, Islington, North London, music, event, ideas, valentines day, North Four Magazine

5) Anti Valentines Day Fiesta at Barrio North
13th Feb – Islington.

As veritable Valentines Grinches, it won’t come as much suprise that the mere mention of the V word brings us out in hives. Traditionally our favourite Valentines activity is laughing at 100 ‘happy couples’ crammed into a 50 seater restaurant, staring angrily at one another over a lit candle and vase of wilted flowers, elbow-to-elbow with a identical couples either side. This all happening whilst we skip merrily past the window, clutching our M&S meal-for-one avec bottle of wine. This year, however, we’ll be partaking in a spot of debauchery to mark the occasion. Barrio North’s anti-Val party is based upon a legendary event in 1929, during which a mob of singletons associated with the Hips Don’t Lie gang of southside Mexico City, caused mayhem – leaving a wake of empty tequila and mezcal bottles. At this North London based event you can start your night with a tequila and mezcal taster menu, followed by a night of musical bootlegging and mobster monkey business. Whatever that may be.

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6) Friendly Fires DJ set at The Old Queens Head
19th Feb – Islington.

Signed to XL Records, Friendly Fires have been nominated for a Mercury prize (we love them Mercury prize winner types up this end of London) and achieved ‘single of the week’ on both NME and Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show for their single ‘Paris’. With an emphasis on groove and funk, Friendly Fires have been remixed by the likes of Tensnake and Aeroplane. They’ve also had their music featured in Gossip Girl. Oh Chuck Bass, how we love your nostrils. Friendly Fires will be partaking in a spot of DJing this month at the Essex Road gaff they call The Old Queens Head.

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7) Desert Island Top Five at Drink, Shop, Do
26th Feb – Kings Cross.

If we were to take anything to a desert island, it probably wouldn’t be old Daniel Bedingfield records. We’d rather bring the essentials, you know? Like a George Foreman Grill, an iPhone and a Kindle. Well on this desert island you’re only allowed to bring yo’ fine selves (and presumably some cash for the bar.) Luke, Liam and Andrew from Early Doors Disco invite you down to Desert Island Top Five, the club where everything is played in top fives – from ‘top five white boy Hip-Hop from the 90s’ to ‘top five bands that are mad at their dads’ and even ‘top five songs by Craig David that you wish you didn’t know the words to.’ But, if you don’t like their choices, you can submit your own on the night and they’ll slot it in. The Greatest Hits of Daniel Bedingfield here we come!

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Eat & Drink Lifestyle

Listen Up Pop Ups, Stokey Space Wants You

Got a supper club, guinea pig cafe, unicorn tears cocktail pop up? Stoke Newington wants it. Luckily a cafe close to Columbia Road has the space you’ve been looking for all along. Probably. Think exposed bricks, boutique lighting and tiled counters, like you’ve just stumbled off a long haul flight and ended up in a trendy Brooklyn coffee house.

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Eat & Drink

Great British Veg Off: Vegan Street Food Battle

“I’m on the veg… of reeeeason” Sang Lady Gaga, whilst cavorting around a staircase in shorts. The very same can be said of Kerb Street Food’s latest event organisers. The amount of quality vegetarian food stalls they’ve gathered together for us is teetering on the unreasonable. It’s not fair on our stomachs, nor on our eyes that are bigger than said stomachs.

Stroud Green, Tavia Davies, Bike, Cycling, North London, Davies & Davies Estate Agents

Love Local: Stroud Green on Film

What’s it really like to live in North London gem Stroud Green? This short film gives you a glimpse into local life. See if you can spot yourself on Stroud Green's streets; walking your dog, buying bananas from the fruit and veg shop, cheering to a bad joke over a pint outside The Worlds End...

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Have Your Say: What Would You Do With Stoke Newington Town Hall?

Ever walked past Stokey Town Hall and thought, oh the things I’d do with that space. What would you do exactly, if you had the chance to take over? It’s a question we’ve often asked ourselves. Well now Hackney Council are finally asking us. Residents and business owners in the surrounding areas are being consulted on their draft proposals.

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Beyond The Binary: Steps Toward Gender Neutrality

Sadiq Khan’s decision to change London underground announcements from ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ to gender neutral greetings might have seemed like an obvious, positive step in the right direction. Unfortunately the news was met with some resistance and negativity. Some saw it as an attack against gender, deeming it ‘pathetic’, unnecessary and even ‘demeaning’. Presumably that affectionate term, Snowflake was also bandied around for good measure.

North Four, North London magazine, tube, underground, travel, underground, mind the gap, commute, lifestyle article

Small Toon Girl: The Pissy Commute

I'd had a bad day, so I thought reading the Slimming World magazine while eating a family-sized bag of crisps would help. This was the day I realised London was ridiculous. And it had rubbed off on me. I started out the day wet. Wet in my cute summer dress with a raincoat on top. It was July, pissing it down. But hot, very hot.

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Culture Lifestyle

Beyond The Binary: London Queer Fashion Show

Beyond The Binary is our mini series breaking down gender norms and exploring queer theory through events and interviews. We're kicking things off with an explosion of fashion, identity and expression. This September it’s London Queer Fashion Show. LQFS showcases the greatest new talent from people who know that ‘gender exists beyond the binary’, that clothing doesn't take male or female forms.

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Eat & Drink Events

It’s The ‘No More Sleepy Fun Sponge” Espressotini Festival

Did you know, the recipe is a relatively new invention? Back in the 80s, a soon-to-be infamous supermodel (sorry but it was blats Naomi Campbell) walked into a bar feeling sleepy and sober and in need of a pick me up. Asking notorious and rakish bartender, Dick Bradsell for something that would “wake me up and fuck me up”, she watched him crack his fingers and deftly shake up the tasty Espressotini we all know and regret ordering today when we look at our bank statements the next morning.

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Eat & Drink

Posh Nosh: Date Night at Sutton and Sons

This family run restaurant has been sourcing the best of date night seafood the for the last twenty years, sourcing the finest and freshest fish from their very own fishmongers in Stoke Newington. But not only are they super sustainable, these guys are also super on trend with a signature lobster sub. So you can feel posh and down to earth all at once, stroke your beard then passionately get off with an avocado once you’ve finished cycling home on your fixie.

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Culture Lifestyle

Neon Naked: Ultra Violet Life Drawing

Have you ever sat in the pub with ol Vick and Charlie and whatsherchops and thought, I’d love to draw a nude right now? No? Well what about a neon nude? Yeeah, now you’re keen! Well luckily that tasty Duke of Wellington pub happens to have just the right set up for a life drawing class. Not to mention a fluorescent one. So that is exactly what they do now. Every other Monday Jylle leaves her superb gin and tonic pouring duties to host Neon Naked.

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Events List

Top Six “Have You Heard Them Live Though” Music Nights

The last time I checked it was March 18th and I was watching someone drink green beer in a big hat and wondering whatever happened to Boxing Day. But someone has informed me that it is August and we need some kind of plan for the month because all logic has flown out the window and nobody knows what anything means anymore and I can’t remember if I had breakfast yesterday no but thanks for asking. Time for some live music to zone out to and tap along blankly while we gather our thoughts.

North Four, North London magazine, mally harpaz, hazel iris, piano, live music, cello, violin, percussion, band, the waiting room, stoke newington

Haunting Melodies and Soundscapes at The Waiting Room

Haunting melodies, rich ambience and devilish lyrics: indie folk singer Hazel Iris comes to Stokey all the way from California. Joining her is musician Mally Harpaz on accordion, cello, guitar and even percussion to create a pretty special double bill of musical awesomeness together.

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Small Toon Girl: London, Where All The Jobs Are

I’m Emmie, I'm 24 and from Newcastle. J'adore le foot. Ou est les piscine? I moved to London 6 months ago because 'it's where all the jobs are'. The above new-life-motto was a graffiti tag I saw in my first few days of London life. Capital R and all. I certainly followed through when, that night, I went to a gig and nipped to the loo... Sitting on the uncomfortably warm seat I looked up to see a club night poster advertising: '4 Jägerbombs for £20!'

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Eat & Drink

Mint Gun Club: Exciting Little Gimlets in Stokey

Who’s Richard Hunt and what are exciting little gimlets when they’re at home? Take a walk down Stoke Newington High Street this month and you’ll find out. An intriguing new cocktail bar and teahouse has opened, calling itself The Mint Gun Club and offering up a three fold menu of teas, cocktails and pantry style food.

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Bring Your Bedroom to the Club at VFD

If only there was a club night that could tap into that special pre night out time. Or at least play your taste in music, sometimes on repeat. Imagine! Lucky for you musical homebirds, bi-monthly club night Mammory Tapes intent to do just that at VFD in Stokey. All night long you can expect an all girl playlist and the best of your bedroom beats on the dance floor. So get ready to finally showcase your once unseen pyjama/half ready outfit based choreography.

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Eat & Drink

Kerb’s Guiltiest Pleasures, All Weekend

“He said, I know It’s only arctic roll but I like it like it yes I dooooo” Those are the lyrics right? Well this weekend they certainly are, at Kerb’s Guiltiest Pleasure in Kings Cross featuring an arctic roll of pure indulgence. Over Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd July, the street food collective from your wildest dreams are hosting the most indulgent hits from all their pop ups at Granary Square.